TVideoGrabber Video SDK

A Video capture / media player / network streaming SDK with advanced capabilities like text and graphic overlays, video processing, mixer and more.

- if the Multipurpose DirectShow encoder filter is installed, TVideoGrabber can record or stream to many formats without having to install third-party compression codecs.

- if the RTSP/RTMP DirectShow source filter is installed, TVideoGrabber can display RTSP, RTMP or HTTP IP cameras or media servers and record them directly to MP4 or other container formats.

The TVideoGrabber supports Visual Studio (C#, VB.NET, C++), Delphi, C++Builder as well as ActiveX control for other COM-compatible development tools.

RTSP/RTMP/HTTP/ONVIF DirectShow Source Filter

This DirectShow source filter receives RTSP, RTMP or HTTP streams from IP cameras or media servers, exposes the decompressed video and audio pins, and can record directly the native H264/AAC streams received to a MP4 file or other container format.

It can be used standalone from a DirectShow application (a demo project is included in the package), or invoked through our TVideoGrabber SDK with just a few lines or code.

MultiPurpose DirectShow Encoder

This DirectShow sink filter accept as input uncompressed video and audio output pins, and can record or stream directly to many containers (MP4, WebM, etc...) or to media servers in RTSP, RTMP, etc...) by using a command-line encoder like ffmpeg.exe or other.