Enable/disable the correction of non-square pixels

property AdjustPixelAspectRatio: Boolean read GetAdjustPixelAspectRatio write SetAdjustPixelAspectRatio default DEF_AdjustPixelAspectRatio;

__property bool AdjustPixelAspectRatio=read=GetAdjustPixelAspectRatio, write=SetAdjustPixelAspectRatio, default=1

Property AdjustPixelAspectRatio As Boolean


Used to enable / disable the correction of non-square pixels, e.g. when the video source is a PAL source or a NTSC source.

When AdjustPixelAspectRatio is enabled (by default) the pixel aspect ratio is corrected when a PAL or NTSC format is detected, and also according to the monitor aspect ratio. This concenrs the video window and the frame capture size.
When AdjustPixelAspectRatio is disabled, the video frame will be processed "as is", but it can be stretched to the size of the video window if Display_AutoSize = false.

To display the video AS IS (without stretching the video frame to the video window size):
- if you want the control to be resized automatically, set AdjustPixelAspectRatio = false and Display_AutoSize = true
- if you want to specify yourself the size of the control, set AdjustPixelAspectRatio = false and Display_AutoSize = false and Display_AspectRatio = ar_NoResize

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