Specifies how the left and/or right audio channels are rendered

property AudioChannelRenderMode: TAudioChannelRenderMode read GetAudioChannelRenderMode write SetAudioChannelRenderMode default acrm_Normal;

__property TAudioChannelRenderMode AudioChannelRenderModer=read=GetAudioChannelRenderMode, write=SetAudioChannelRenderMode, default 0

property AudioChannelRenderMode as TAudioChannelRenderMode


Used to specify the way the right and left audio channels of the current audio stream are rendered

To be taken in account this property must be set before invoking OpenPlayer, StartPreview, StartRecording, etc...

Possible values:

acrm_Normal (default) : normal rendering of the left and right audio channels
acrm_RenderLeft : the left channel is converted as "mono" and rendered on both sides (the right channel is discarded)
acrm_RenderRight : the right channel is converted as "mono" and rendered on both sides (the left channel is discarded)
acrm_MuteLeft : the left channel is muted
acrm_MuteRight : the right channel is muted
acrm_Mute_All : both channels are muted
acrm_MixLeftAndRight : the left and right channels are mixed
acrm_PassThru : like acrm_Normal, just activates the AudioChannelRenderMode processing

Remark: acrm_PassThru must be used to activate the AudioChannelRenderMode processing without modifying the audio samples immediately (e.g. to be able to mute the audio later with acrm_Mute_All), otherwise the AudioChannelRenderMode feature will be disabled if the preview, recording or playback starts with AudioChannelRenderMode = acrm_Normal.

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