List of the audio capture devices available on the current platform.

function AudioDevices: string;

__property wchar_t *__fastcall AudioDevices();

Property AudioDevices as string


Used to retrieve a string that contains the list of audio capture devices available on the current platform.
This list is updated when an audio capture device is connected or removed (when the OnDeviceArrivalOrRemoval event occurs).

This list can be assigned to list based controls. E.g.:
ComboBox1.Items.Text := AudioDevices;
ComboBox1.ItemIndex := ViddeoGrabber1.AudioDevice; (* index in the AudioDevices list.*)

It is possible to retrieve programmatically the index of an audio capture device by using the FindIndexInListByName function as follows:

VideoGrabber.AudioDevice := VideoGrabber.FindIndexInListByName (VideoGrabber.AudioDevices, 'name of my audio device', false, true);

Note: in Delphi and C++Builder versions of the component, this property is available also as a AudioDevices global variable.

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