Chroma key




Chroma Key


Chroma Key

The chroma key feature is activated as follows:

- load a background image with SetImageOverlayFromImageFile (or another SetImageOverlayFrom... function)

- enable the ImageOverlayEnabled property

- enable the ImageOverlay_ChromaKey property

- assign the chroma key RGB color to use to the ImageOverlay_ChromaKeyRGBColor property

- adjust the chroma key leeway % (optional) with the ImageOverlay_ChromaKeyLeewayPercent property (the default value is 25%)


   VideoGrabber.PlayerFileName := 'my video clip.avi';
   VideoGrabber.SetImageOverlayFromImageFile ('my background image.jpg');
   VideoGrabber.ImageOverlay_ChromaKeyRGBColor := $FF0000;  // the blue color
   VideoGrabber.ImageOverlay_ChromaKeyLeewayPercent := 20; // 20%
   VideoGrabber.ImageOverlay_ChromaKey := true;
   VideoGrabber.ImageOverlayEnabled := true;

To use several image overlay, see "Applying several image overlays concurrently" in the "Graphic overlays" chapter.

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