Dual display




Dual display.


It is possible to display 2 identical video windows, e.g. for a teacher to see the video preview on a 1st monitor, and for students to see the same video on a 2nd monitor in full screen mode.

The default video window is handled through the "Display_" properties and methods.
The 2nd video window is handled through the "DualDisplay_" identical properties and methods.

default video window
By default, only the 1st video window is active (Display_Active = true) and the 2nd video window is disabled (DualDisplay_Active = false).
By default, the 1st video window is embedded in the TVideoGrabber control (Display_Embedded = true).

activation/deactivation of the dual display
To activate the 2nd video window, enable DualDisplay_Active before calling StartPreview , StartRecording or OpenPlayer .
Then the 2nd video window can be shown or hidden when the preview/recording/playback is running by enabling or disabling DualDisplay_Visible.

multi-monitors display
You can send each video window on the monitor of your choice. Simply assign the Display_Monitor or DualDisplay_Monitor property with the index of the desired monitor.

2 global functions help you to get information on the available monitors:
1) MonitorsCount returns the number of monitors available on the current platform.
Therefore Display_Monitor or DualDisplay_Monitor accept a value in the 0..MonitorsCount -1 range.
2) MonitorBounds returns the bounds of the specified monitor in the 0..MonitorsCount -1 range.
The bounds returned are intented to help you to position the video window within the screen bounds.

window location
When it is not embedded (Display_Embedded = false), the video window:
- can by placed on the screen by assigning Display_Left and Display_Top ,
- can be sized by assigning Display_Width and Display_Height .
However, rather than assigning these properties one by one, you can set all of them at the same time by using Display_SetLocation .

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