Path of the binaries of the external Datastead DirectShow filters

property ExtraDLLPath: string read GetExtraDLLPath write SetExtraDLLPath;

__property wchar_t *ExtraDLLPath==GetExtraDLLPath, write=SetExtraDLLPath;


Specifies the location of the x86/x64 folders of the binaries of the Datastead DirectShow filters.

It is possible to invoke the Datastead RTSP/RTMP/HTTP/ONVIF DirectShow source filter or Datastead Multipurpose Encoder from the TVideoGrabber SDK just by specifing to TVideoGrabber the location of the binaries, without having to run the .exe installer, and without having to register the filter(s) with regsvr32.exe.

Just copy the x86 and x64 folders (containing the binaries of the filter) to a folder of your choice, and set ExtraDLLPath = this folder.

E.g. if the "x86" and "x64" folders have been copied to c:/datasteadfilter, set VideoGrabber.ExtraDLLPath = "c:/datasteadfilter"


VideoGrabber.VideoSource = vs_IPCamera

VideoGrabber.IPCameraURL = "rtsp://..."

VideoGrabber.ExtraDLLPath = "c:/datasteadfilter"


It is also possible to specify a different DLL path per filter, by adding the [RTSP] or [MPE] prefix at the beginning, e.g.:

VideoGrabber.ExtraDLLPath = "[RTSP]c:/RTSPfolder1

VideoGrabber.ExtraDLLPath = "[MPE]c:/MPEfolder2

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