Specifies whether frame capture functions must capture unmodified frames when drawing over video frames.

property FrameCaptureWithoutOverlay: Boolean read GetFrameCaptureWithoutOverlay write SetFrameCaptureWithoutOverlay default DEF_FrameCaptureWithoutOverlay;

__property bool FrameCaptureWithoutOverlay=read=GetFrameCaptureWithoutOverlay, write=SetFrameCaptureWithoutOverlay, default=0

Property FrameCaptureWithoutOverlay As Boolean


Used to specify whether frame capture must be performed before drawing over video frames (unmodified video frames) or after drawing over video frames (modified video frames).

- if FrameCaptureBeforeDrawing is disabled (default), frame overlay affects the captured frames as well as preview and recording files.

-if FrameCaptureBeforeDrawing is enabled, the frames captured by CaptureFrameTo or in burst mode concerns unmodified native frames.
In this case text, shapes, lines or bitmap drawn over video frames appear only on the preview window or recording files.

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