Enables and configure or disables the frame grabber, that allows to capture frames and draw over frames.

property FrameGrabber: TFrameGrabber read GetFrameGrabber write SetFrameGrabber default DEF_FrameGrabber;

__property TFrameGrabber FrameGrabber=read=GetFrameGrabber, write=SetFrameGrabber, default=0

Property FrameGrabber As TxFrameGrabber


Used to enable or disable the frame grabber.

fg_BothStreams: the frame grabber is applied on both preview stream and capture streams,
fg_PreviewStream: the frame grabber is applied only on the preview stream,
fg_CaptureStream: the frame grabber is applied only on the capture stream,
fg_Disabled: the frame grabber is disabled.


The frame grabber is a RGB filter that lets you capture frames and/or perform graphic and text overlays.
The frame grabber allows to:
- capture video frames: see the Frame capture ,
- draw (or write text) over video frames: see Drawing over video frames .

- if FrameGrabber = fg_BothStreams, the overlays are applied to the video window (preview) as well as to the captured frames and the video clip being recorded)
- if FrameGrabber = fg_PreviewStream, the overlays are applied only on the video window (but not on the captured frames or the video clip being recorded)
- if FrameGrabber = fg_CaptureStream, the overlay are applied to the captured frames and the video clip being recorded, but are not visible on the video window.

If you want to capture frames without applying the overlays (but you want the overlays in the preview and/or the recorded video clip), enable the FrameCaptureWithoutOverlay property.


When it is used on a stream (preview, capture or both), this stream is converted into RGB format.

By default the recording is made in the native format of the video source when RecordingInNativeFormat is enabled (default)

If you need to apply the overlays to the recorded clip, disable the RecordingInNativeFormat. Then the recording will performed in uncompressed RGB with the overlays applied.
You can compress the video stream with the overlays applied by selecting an audio or video compressor, according to the CompressionMode and CompressionType settings.

During recording, the frame grabber can be applied on the recording stream, the preview stream, or both.
If you want to preserve the recording format and need however to capture frames, you can either:
- apply the frame grabber only on the preview stream (FrameGrabber = fg_PreviewStream).
- enable the RecordingInNativeFormat that will save the clip in the native (unmodified) format coming out of the video source.

Note: using the frame grabber requires more CPU, so it should be disabled if it is not required to capture video frames or draw over them during recording.

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