Retains the beginning of the recording.

property HoldRecording: Boolean read GetHoldRecording write SetHoldRecording default DEF_HoldRecording;

__property bool HoldRecording=read=GetHoldRecording, write=SetHoldRecording, default=0

Property HoldRecording As Boolean


Used to start the recording in preview mode and retain the beginning of AVI writing.

When HoldRecording is set to true before calling StartRecording , the recording graph is build and started in preview mode. Then, as soon as ResumeRecording is invoked, AVI writing begins.

When calling StartRecording directly withtout using HoldRecording, a few seconds are necessary to build the recording graph, so it is not possible to have the AVI file starting at the moment where StartRecording was called.

By enabling HoldRecording before calling StartRecording , the recording is started in preview mode, and the AVI writing begins exactly when ResumeRecording is invoked.

After invoking StartRecording, the OnRecordingReadyToStart event occurs to let you know that you can invoke ResumeRecording to start the recording.
From this event the recording can be cancelled by invoking StopRecording.

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