IR Cut Filter of Axis cameras




IR Cut Filter of Axis cameras


It is possible to control the IR Cut Filter of IP cameras through the Datastead RTSP/RTMP/HTTP/ONVIF DirectShow Source Filter v7.2.2.1 or newer, that must be installed first.

First start the preview of the Axis IP camera with the following sample code, e.g.:

VideoGrabber.VideoSource = vs_IPCamera
VideoGrabber.IPCameraURL = "rtsp://";
VideoGrabber.SetAuthentication (at_IPCamera, "root", "password");

then, once the preview is running:

- to set the IR Cut Filter state, invoke one of the following commands:

VideoGrabber.ONVIF_SetStr ("RTSP_Source_Axis_IrCutFilter_str", "enabled")


VideoGrabber.ONVIF_SetStr ("RTSP_Source_Axis_IrCutFilter_str", "disabled")


VideoGrabber.ONVIF_SetStr ("RTSP_Source_Axis_IrCutFilter_str", "auto")

- to retrieve the IR Cut Filter state, invoke:

function VideoGrabber.ONVIF_GetStr ("RTSP_Source_Axis_IrCutFilter_str", Value) : Boolean

Value returns one of the following values: "enabled, "disabled", or "auto"

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