Used to associate 2 TVideoGrabber components in Mixer mode

function Mixer_AddToMixer (SourceUniqueID: LongInt; SourceVideoInput: LongInt; MosaicLine: LongInt; MosaicColumn: LongInt; AlternatedGroup: LongInt; AlternatedTimeIntervalInMs: LongInt; ReplacePreviouslyAdded: Boolean; EraseBackground: Boolean): LongInt;

int __fastcall Mixer_AddToMixer(int SourceUniqueID, int SourceVideoInput, int MosaicLine, int MosaicColumn, int AlternatedGroup, int AlternatedTimeIntervalInMs, bool ReplacePreviouslyAdded, bool EraseBackground);

function Mixer_AddToMixer (SourceUniqueID as Long, SourceVideoInput as Long, MosaicLine as Long, MosaicColumn as Long, AlternatedGroup as Long, AlternatedTimeIntervalInMs as Long, ReplacePreviouslyAdded as Bool EraseBackground as Bool) as long


This function is invoked on the mixer component to associate a source TVideoGrabber component in Mixer mode.

(the mixer component must have been set in this mode by setting VideoSource = vs_Mixer).

You will find sample code of this function in the "How to mix several video sources into one a single one" chapter.


UniqueID of the source component

not used yet, set it to 0

Line where the source video must be placed when displaying several sources on a mosaic layout (set to 0 if the mosaic layout is not used).

Column where the source video must be placed when displaying several sources on a mosaic layout (set to 0 if the mosaic layout is not used).

Group in which the source video will be displayed alternatively.
You can specify any number.
The rule is: all sources associated to this mixer with this group number will be displayed at the same time, and never displayed at the same time than other sources associated to this mixer with other group numbers.

Duration of display of the sources having this group number in the mixer.
The duration is expressed in milliseconds.
Remark: if several sources are associated to a mixer with the same group number but not the same duration, only one of these durations will be taken in account when this group will be displayed.
Therefore to prevent confusion, each sources of a given group should logically be associated to a mixer with the same duration.

Specifies if invoking Mixer_AddToMixer on a given video source replaces any previous Mixer_AddToMixer setting already set. Recommended value: TRUE

specifies if the background must be erased on the mixer when Mixer_AddToMixer is invoked while the mixer is running. Recommended value: TRUE

The return value of this function is an identifier that may be used to remove the current Mixer_AddToMixer setting by invoking Mixer_RemoveFromMixer.

See Also
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