Returns each video frame captured.

property OnFrameCaptureCompleted: TOnFrameCaptureCompleted read FOnFrameCaptureCompleted write FOnFrameCaptureCompleted;

__property TOnFrameCaptureCompleted OnFrameCaptureCompleted=read=FOnFrameCaptureCompleted, write=FOnFrameCaptureCompleted

Event OnFrameCaptureCompleted(FrameBitmapHandle As Long, BitmapWidth As Long, BitmapHeight As Long, FrameNumber As Long, FrameTime As Double, DestType As TxFrameCaptureDest, FileName As String, Success As Boolean, FrameId As Long)


This TOnFrameCaptureCompleted event returns each video frame captured by using CaptureFrameTo or the burst mode .

For Delphi and C++Buidler versions, the video frame is returned as TBitmap (from the "graphics" unit).
For OCX versions the video frame is returned as a Bitmap handle.

For frame capture to BMP or JPEG files, the file name generated automatically is also returned by this event.

You can get various frame infos from this event by using GetFrameInfo (FrameId, ...).

Note: the frame grabber must be enabled to capture video frames.

Sample code is included in the MainDemo project.

To get information about the current video frame, invoke GetFrameInfo (FrameId, ...). E.g.

SampleTimeHour  = VideoGrabber.GetFrameInfo (FrameId, fi_SampleTime_Hour)

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