Requests a bitmap handle to build the next video frame.

property OnVideoFromBitmapsNextFrameNeeded: TOnVideoFromBitmapsNextFrameNeeded read FOnVideoFromBitmapsNextFrameNeeded write FOnVideoFromBitmapsNextFrameNeeded;

__property TOnVideoFromBitmapsNextFrameNeeded OnVideoFromBitmapsNextFrameNeeded=read=FOnVideoFromBitmapsNextFrameNeeded, write=FOnVideoFromBitmapsNextFrameNeeded

Event OnVideoFromBitmapsNextFrameNeeded(FirstSample As Boolean, BitmapHandle, BMPorJPEGFile, EndOfData)


This TOnVideoFromBitmapsNextFrameNeeded event occurs for each video frame that will be build from a bitmap handle when a preview or recording graph is running and VideoSource = vs_JPEGsOrBitmaps.

From this event you must invoke SendImageToVideoFromBitmaps, and pass as parameter:

- either a file path to a BMP or JPEG file through the BMPorJPEGFile parameter (a)

- either a bitmap handle through the BitmapHandle parameter (b)

If no more images are available, set the EndOfData parameter to true to notify the end of the recording or preview.

(a) if a BMPorJPEGFile string is specified (the string is not empty), set the BitmapHandle parameter to 0
(b) if a bitmap handle is used, enable CanFreeBitmapHandle if TVideoGrabber must free the bitmap handle, or disable CanFreeBitmapHandle if you need to reuse the bitmap later.

You can find sample code in the MainDemo project included in the package.

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