Opens a video clip within a specified start time and stop time.

function OpenPlayerAtTimePositions (StartTime: LargeInteger; StopTime: LargeInteger; KeepBounds: Boolean; CloseAndReopenIfAlreadyOpened: Boolean): Boolean;

bool __fastcall OpenPlayerAtTimePositions(__int64 StartTime, __int64 StopTime, bool KeepBounds, bool CloseAndReopenIfAlreadyOpened)

Function OpenPlayerAtTimePositions(StartTime As Double, StopTime As Double, CloseAndReopenIfAlreadyOpened as String) As Boolean


Opens a video clip that will start and stop playing within boundaries between specified start and stop time.
StartTime and StopTime are expressed in 100ns units (e.g. 2.5 seconds = 25000000).

opens the clip starting from this frame time (0 = from beginning)

stops playing the clip at this frame time (0 = until the end)

- true:
. when invoking StopPlayer the position returns to the StartTime position
. when the clip is paused, it is not possible to set a position before StartTime or after StopTime
- false:
. when invoking StopPlayer the position returns at the frame time 0
. when the clip is paused, it is possible to set a position before StartTime or after StopTime

- true:
if OpenPlayerAtTimePositions is invoked again the clip is reopened
- false:
if OpenPlayerAtTimePositions is invoked again the start and stop positions are updated to the specified positions

- when the video clip has already been opened and the CloseAndReopenIfAlreadyOpened parameter is false, invoking this function lets you modify the playing boundaries, without closing/reopening the video clip
- to specify only a start time and let the clip play until the end, set StopTime = 0
- to specify only a stop time and let the clip play from the beginning, set StartTime = 0
- to reset the normal clip boundaries, set StopTime = 0 and StartTime = 0

E.g. OpenPlayerAtFramePositions (30000000, 60000000) plays the clip within 3 seconds and the 6 seconds (starting from the beginning).

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