Force the use of a given codec during playback.

property PlayerForcedCodec: string read GetPlayerForcedCodec write SetPlayerForcedCodec;

__property wchar_t *PlayerForcedCodec=read=GetPlayerForcedCodec, write=SetPlayerForcedCodec

Property PlayerForcedCodec As String


Used to specify particular codecs to be used by TVideoGrabber.

TVideoGrabber automatically selects the default appropriate codec to play a given clip.

However in some cases a different codec can be preferred. E.g. to play MPEG2 clips you can prefer the Elecard/Moonlight video decoder instead of the Intervideo video decoder.

Note that adding codecs to the graph can be achieved also by invoking ThirdPartyFilter_AddToList (tpf_AddToGraph...

To use the default codecs, leave PlayerForcecCodec emtpy.

To force the use of a given codec, simply assign to this property:
- either a significant part of the codec name,
- either the CLSID string of the codec.
VideoGrabber1.PlayerForcedCodec "= "Elecard MPEG2 Video Decoder"
VideoGrabber1.PlayerForcedCodec = "F50B3F13-19C4-11CF-AA9A-02608C9BABA2"

PlayerForcedCodec keywords

The following keywords are supported by the PlayerForcedCodec property:

PlayerForcedCodec = "NOFFDSHOW"
Prevents TVideoGrabber to use the FFDSHOW codecs when they are enabled by default on the current platform.

PlayerForcedCodec = "NOMPC"
Prevents TVideoGrabber to use the MPC (Media Player Classic) codecs when they are enabled by default on the current platform.

PlayerForcedCodec = "AVS"
enables the playback through AVISynth when AVISynth is installed

PlayerForcedCodec = "FFDSHOW"
enables the playback through FFDSHOW is the FFDSHOW video decoder is configured to decode the format to be played.

All these non-default settings can be restored to their default value by setting PlayerForcedCodec = ""

Note that reading the PlayerForcedCodec string does not reflect the state of these keywords, only codec names or codec CLSIDs appear in the PlayerForcedCodec string.

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