Live preview overview.


Preview of video capture devices

1. select the video source

First of all, set VideoSource = vs_VideoCaptureDevice to select the video capture devices as video source

2. select the video capture device (optional if you have only one video capture device)

By default the 1st video capture in the VideoDevices list will be used (VideoDevice index = 0).

So you may have to select the video capture device by assigning the VideoDevice property with the index of the video capture device in the VideoDevices list.

If you need to select it by its name, VideoDeviceIndex (" of your video capture device...") will return the index of the name in the VideoDevices list.

VideoGrabber.VideoDevice = VideoGrabber.VideoDeviceIndex (" of your video capture device...")

3. Start / stop / pause / resume preview
Preview can be started by using StartPreview and stopped by using StopPreview .
After starting preview, it can be paused with PausePreview, and resumed with ResumePreview.

Frame progress
During preview, information about each video frame is reported by the OnFrameProgress event.
It is possible to get information about the current frame by invoking GetFrameInfo or GetFrameInfoString.

Frame capture
Frames can be captured to TBitmap, BMP files or JPEG files, one by one or automatically by using the frame grabber . See the Frame capture chapter for more information.

Graphics and text overlays
It is possible to draw text, shapes, bitmaps or graphics over video frames. See the Graphics and text overlays chapter.

Display options
See Video window, Dual display, Transparency, Third-party video renderer filter