Specifies whether sample captures are returned synchronously or asynchronously.

property RawCaptureAsyncEvent: Boolean read GetRawCaptureAsyncEvent write SetRawCaptureAsyncEvent default DEF_RawCaptureAsyncEvent;

__property bool RawCaptureAsyncEvent=read=GetRawCaptureAsyncEvent, write=SetRawCaptureAsyncEvent, default=1

Property RawCaptureAsyncEvent As Boolean


Used to specify whether sample captures are returned synchronously or asynchronously by the OnRawVideoSample or OnRawAudioSample events.

By default, this property is enabled and the samples are returned asynchronously. It means that samples are captured internally when they travel the video stream and returned later by the events.

If you disable this property, the samples are returned synchronously. This means that the video stream waits for the capture events to complete.
In this case you must process the samples as fast as possible and you should not perform any actions with the potential to block, such as holding a critical section or waiting on another thread. Also, do not call any GDI or USER32.DLL APIs that might cause a window to move.

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