Specifies if the reencoding output must be in WMV format

property Reencoding_WMVOutput: Boolean read GetReencodingWMVOutput write SetReencodingWMVOutput default DEF_Reencoding_WMVOutput;

__property bool Reencoding_WMVOutput=read=GetReencodingWMVOutput, write=SetReencodingWMVOutput, default=1

Property Reencoding_WMVOutput As Boolean


Used to specify if the reencoding output must be in WMV format.

1) Reencoding_WMVOutput enabled:
the extension of the video clip specified in Reencoding_NewVideoClip will be ".wmv".

1) Reencoding_WMVOutput disabled:
you have to specify the proper value according to the reencoding settings:

a) if Reencoding_Method = rm_ASF, the extension must be asf,

b) if Reencoding_Method = rm_AVI, the extension must be:
- mpg if the video clip will contain MPEG video,
- avi if the video clip will contain only video, or both audio and video, compressed or not
- wav if the video clip contains only uncompressed audio
- mp3 if the video clip contains only mp3 audio.

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