Used to pass the image or bitmap handle to the VideoFromJPEGsOrBitmaps function

function SendImageToVideoFromBitmaps (ImageFilePath: string; BitmapHandle: LongInt; CanFreeBitmapHandle: Boolean; EndOfData: Boolean): boolean;

bool __fastcall SendImageToVideoFromBitmaps(wchar_t *ImageFilePath, int BitmapHandle, bool CanFreeBitmapHandle, bool EndOfData);

function SendImageToVideoFromBitmaps (ImageFilePath as string, BitmapHandle as Long, CanFreeBitmapHandle as Boolean, EndOfData as Boolean) as Boolean


When VideoSource = vs_JPEGsOrBitmaps, TVideoGrabber needs the video frames to be passed by SendImageToVideoFromBitmaps or SendImageToVideoFromBitmaps2

It is possible to:

- either invoke SendImageToVideoFromBitmaps from the OnVideoFromBitmapsNextFrameNeeded event, that occurs periodically to request the next frame,

- either invoke periodically SendImageToVideoFromBitmaps directly. In this 2nd case, SendImageToVideoFromBitmaps must be called one time just before invoking StartPreview() or StartRecording().

See Video clips built on the fly by passing bitmap handles, BMP or JPEG files for more information.

You will find sample code in the MainDemo project included in the package, or in the VideoFromBitmapHandles or VideoFromBMPorJPEGfiles demos.

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