Used to specify a window for screen recording

function SetWindowRecordingByName (WindowName: string; ExactMatch: Boolean): Boolean;

bool __fastcall SetWindowRecordingByName(wchar_t *WindowName, bool ExactMatch);

Function SetWindowRecordingByName (WindowName as String, ExactMatch as Boolean) as Boolean


Used for the screen recording to specify a window to record by its window name or class name.

The window name or class name of this window can be picked up by looking at the title bar of the window, or by retrieved by invoking EnumerateWindows.

- you can identify the exact window name by passing the full string to the WindowName parameter and setting ExactMatch = true
- you can identify the window by a substring of its name, passed to the WindowName parameter, and by setting ExactMatch = false.

Note: when ExactMatch = false, the WindowName parameter is not case-sensitive.

See the "Recording a window" chapter for more information.

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