Type used by the BurstType property and CaptureFrameTo function.


TFrameCaptureDest=(fc_TBitmap, fc_BmpFile, fc_JpegFile);

enum TFrameCaptureDest fc_TBitmap, fc_BmpFile, fc_JpegFile ;


Type used by the BurstType property and CaptureFrameTo function.

Value Meaning

fc_TBitmap: the frame will be captured to to a memory bitmap (TBitmap in Delphi / C++Builder, HBitmap handle in the OCX versions) and returned by the OnFrameCaptureCompleted event.
fc_BmpFile: the frame will be saved to a Bmp file, (*)
fc_JpegFile: the frame will be saved to a Jpeg file, (*)
fc_Clipboard: the frame will be saved in the clipboard in CF_BITMAP format, it can be pasted from another application.

(*) in both cases the OnFrameCaptureCompleted event occurs and returns also the file name of the file created. The file name generated depends of the AutoFilePrefix and AutoFileName properties.

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