Sets a frequency overrides.

function TVSetChannelFrequencyOverride(TVChannel: LongInt; FrequencyInHz: LongInt): LongInt;

int __fastcall TVSetChannelFrequencyOverride(int TVChannel, int FrequencyInHz)

Function TVSetChannelFrequencyOverride(TVChannel As Long, FrequencyInHz As Long) As Long


Used to set a frequency override for a given TV channel, for the current country code and tuner input type .

This function sets a frequency override on the specified TV channel.

This will affect the TV channel for the current country code and tuner input type only.

If you need to retrieve the default frequency for this TV channel, simply assign the channel number to the TVChannel property and the OnTVChannelSelected event will return the frequency (the event is synchrone).

To erase any frequency override on this TV channel simply pass " -1" as frequency value in the FrequencyInHz parameter.

Important: setting or clearing a frequency override will be applied only after restarting preview. This will be done automatically if AutoRefreshPreview is enabled.

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