Sets or retrieves the text string that will be drawn over video frames for the current text overlay selected by TextOverlay_Selector

property TextOverlay_String: string read GetTextOverlaystring write SetTextOverlaystring;

__property wchar_t *TextOverlay_String=read=GetTextOverlayString, write=SetTextOverlayString

Property TextOverlay_String As String


Used to set or retrieve the text string that will be drawn over video frames.
The text string can be composed of several lines.
This property can be modified at any time, even if the text is currently drawn over a video frame.

Several TVideoGrabber variables can be used within the text string, delimited by a percent symbol (2).
When TVideoGrabber detects one of these variables the variable label is replaced by its current value:

"%sys_time[dd/mm/yy hh:nn:ss]%" : current system date/time (1)
"%dv_time[dd/mm/yy hh:nn:ss]%" : current date/time stored on the DV VCR tape (1)
"%time_code%" : current DV VCR time code, if available
"%frame_count%" : number of the current frame
"%time_full%" : time of the current frame in hh:mm:ss:cc format
"%time_sec%" : time of the current frame, in seconds with 2 decimals
"%time_100ns%" : time of the current frame, in 100 nano-seconds units
"%custom0% to %custom9%" : up to 10 custom variables that can be set by using SetTextOverlayCustomVar .

(1) any valid date/time format is accepted between the brackets of sys_time and dv_time.
(2) the percent symbol is a reserved character. If you need to display the percent symbol itself, just duplicate it, e.g. TextOverlay_String = "the percent symbol is %%"

Note: the frame grabber must be enabled to use TextOverlay properties.

E.g., to initialize the 2 text overlay string, that will use custom variables:

VideoGrabber.TextOverlay_Selector = 0
VideoGrabber.TextOverlay_String = "my first text uses %custom0%"
VideoGrabber.TextOverlay_Left = 10
VideoGrabber.TextOverlay_Top = 10
VideoGrabber.TextOverlay_Enabled = true
VideoGrabber.TextOverlay_Selector = 1
VideoGrabber.TextOverlay_String = "my second text uses %custom3% and %custom4%"
VideoGrabber.TextOverlay_Left = 20
VideoGrabber.TextOverlay_Top = 100
VideoGrabber.TextOverlay_Enabled = true

then to update the custom variables of the 1st text overlay string:

VideoGrabber.SetTextOverlayCustomVar (0, 0, "value 0")

and of the 2nd text overlay string:

VideoGrabber.SetTextOverlayCustomVar (1, 3, "value 3")
VideoGrabber.SetTextOverlayCustomVar (1, 4, "value 4")

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