Adds a third-party filter to the list specified.

function ThirdPartyFilter_AddToList (Location: TThirdPartyFilterList; GUIDString: string; OptionalDLLFilePath: string; FilterName: string; Enable: Boolean; CanSaveFilterState: Boolean): Boolean;

bool __fastcall ThirdPartyFilter_AddToList(TThirdPartyFilterList Location, wchar_t *GUIDString, wchar_t *OptionalDLLFilePath, wchar_t *FilterName, bool Enable, bool CanSaveFilterState);

Function ThirdPartyFilter_AddToList(Location As TxThirdPartyFilterList, GUIDString As String, OptionalDLLFilePath as String, FilterName As String, Enable As Boolean, SaveFilterState As Boolean) As Long


Used to add a third-party DirectShow filter to a TThirdPartyFilterList list.
The function returns the index of the filter in the Location list. This index is necessary to access later the filter through other ThirdPartyFilter... functions.
Return -1 upon failure (e.g. if the filter is already in the list).
Location: TThirdPartyFilterList insertion point in the preview (or recording or play back) graph.
GUID: Guid of the filter to insert.
Name: name string associated to the filter (any value)
Enable: enables or disables the filter for the next preview (or recording or play back).
SaveFilterState: if true, the filter state will be saved in the registry and retrieved automatically for the next preview (or recording or play back).

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