VidGrabWPF:VideoGrabberWPF component




New VidGrabWPF:VideoGrabberWPF component


This VidGrabWPF:VideoGrabberWPF component is a WPF component compatible with the code of the VidGrab::VideoGrabber component of WinForms.

It has a dual mode that can be switched with the VideoGrabberToImage property listed in the "Common" properties of the component:

"VideoGrabberToImage" property disabled (default):

TVideoGrabber renders in a DirectShow renderer through a WindowsFormHost.

This saves CPU, but with the potential "airspace issue" if using WPF semi-transparent overlays

"VideoGrabberToImage" property enabled:

TVideoGrabber renders through an Image component, allowing WPF semi-transparent overlays

The sample code can be found in the "MainDemoWPF" project included in the package under CSharp_VB.NET
This demo is a WPF demo project similar to the Winform MainDemo project.