Specifies the average data rate for the current video compressor.

property VideoCompression_WindowSize: LongInt read GetVideoCompression_WindowSize write SetVideoCompression_WindowSize default DEF_VideoCompression_WindowSize;

__property int VideoCompression_WindowSize=read=GetVideoCompression_WindowSize, write=SetVideoCompression_WindowSize, default=- 1

Property VideoCompression_WindowSize As Long


Specifies the average data rate for the current video compressor.
This property sets the number of frames over which the compressor must maintain an average data rate.
For example, assuming a data rate of 100K/sec and a frame rate of 10 frames per second, if the window size is 1, then every frame will be 10K or less. If the window size is 5, then every five consecutive frames must average 10K per frame, but individual frames may exceed this size.

Use the OnVideoCompressionSettings event to know the default value for the current codec (see the Software compression by using codecs chapter for more explanations).

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