List of the video capture devices available on the current platform.

function VideoDevices: string;

__property wchar_t *__fastcall VideoDevices();

property VideoDevices as string


Used to retrieve a string that contains the list of video capture devices available on the current platform.
This list is updated if a video capture device is connected or removed (when the OnDeviceArrivalOrRemoval event occurs).
This list can be assigned to list based controls. E.g.:
ComboBox1.Items.Text := VideoGrabber1.VideoDevices;
ComboBox1.ItemIndex := VideoGrabber1.VideoDevice; (* index in the VideoDevices list *)

It is possible to retrieve programmatically the index of a Video capture device by using the FindIndexInListByName function as follows:

VideoGrabber.VideoDevice := VideoGrabber.FindIndexInListByName (VideoGrabber.VideoDevices, 'name of my Video device', false, true);

Note: in Delphi and C++Builder versions of the component, this property is available as a VideoDevices global variable.

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