List of the registry identifiers of the video capture devices available on the current platform.

function VideoDevicesId: string;

__property wchar_t *__fastcall VideoDevicesId();

property VideoDevicesId as string


Used to retrieve a string that contains the list of the registry identifiers of video capture devices available on the current platform.

Unlike VideoDevices, VideoDevicesId returns the unique registry names of the video capture devices. This is useful mainly to distinguish between several video capture devices of the same brand and model on the same platorm.

This list is updated if a video capture device is connected or removed (when the OnDeviceArrivalOrRemoval event occurs).
This list can be assigned to list based controls. E.g.:
ComboBox1.Items.Text := VideoGrabber1.VideoDevicesId;
ComboBox1.ItemIndex := VideoGrabber1.VideoDevice; (* index in the VideoDevicesId list *)

It is possible to retrieve programmatically the index of a Video capture device by using the FindIndexInListByName function as follows:

VideoGrabber.VideoDevice := VideoGrabber.FindIndexInListByName (VideoGrabber.VideoDevicesId, 'devicepnpavcjvcgr-dvl357egcamcorderdvb301b0000588800065e8773d-8f56-11d0-a3b9-00a0c9223196globalMicrosoft DV Camera and VCR', false, true);

Note: for Delphi and C++Builder versions of the component, this property is available as a VideoDevices global variable.

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