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How can I pass FFMpeg options to the new Encoder, e.g. “-movflags empty_moov -strict experimental -frag_duration 4000”?

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Pass the extra parameters through the Encoder_SetStr(Enc_Extra_Parameters, “”) function, as lines of text separated by line feeds, e.g.:

C# / C++

VideoGrabber->Encoder_SetStr (ENCODER_RECORDING_ID, Enc_Extra_Parameters, "movflags empty_moov\r\nstrict experimental\r\nfrag_duration 4000");


VideoGrabber.Encoder_SetStr (ENCODER_RECORDING_ID, Enc_Extra_Parameters, "movflags empty_moov" & vbCrLf & "strict experimental" & "vbCfLf" & "frag_duration 4000")


VideoGrabber.Encoder_SetStr (ENCODER_RECORDING_ID, Enc_Extra_Parameters, 'movflags empty_moov' +#13#10+ 'strict experimental' +#13#10+ 'frag_duration 4000')

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