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how to record the screen in 4K

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how to record the screen in 4K

To get a correct frame rate, use the TVideoGrabber SDK + Multipurpose Encoder, that allow to encode through the GPU.

To install the Multipurpose Encoder, run the .exe installer included package, then it will be automatically used by the TVideoGrabber SDK.

with MainDemo.exe:

– go to the “video source tab, select “screen recording”
– go to the “Multipurpose Encoder” tab, enter h264 as video codec name, 6000 as bit rate and select the GPU in the “GPU/HWAccel listbox
– go to the “Recording tab”, select “mp4” and click “start recording”

Videograbber.VideoSource = vs_screenrecording;
Videograbber.VideoCompressor := VideoGrabber.VideoCompressorIndex (‘Datastead Multipurpose Encoder’);

Videograbber.Encoder_SetInt (0, Enc_Video_GPU_Encoder, integer(Enc_GPU_NVidia_NVENC)); (*)
VideoGrabber.Encoder_SetStr (0, Enc_Video_Codec, ‘h264’);
Videograbber.Encoder_SetInt (0, Enc_Video_BitRate_kb, 6000);

VideoGrabber.CompressionMode = cm_CompressOnTheFly;
VideoGrabber.RecordingMethod = rm_MP4;

(*) this select the NVIDIA GPU.
If you have an Intel board you can Enc_GPU_Intel_QSV
You can select automatically the GPU with Enc_GPU_Auto

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