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Is the Still Image Pin capture supported?

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Is the Still Image Pin capture supported?

Yes, the video capture device must expose the PIN_CATEGORY_STILL pin category.
To use this feature, set
VideoGrabber.WebcamStillCaptureButton = wb_Enabled
before starting the preview.

When starting the preview, if the video capture device does not expose the pin the OnLog event will report this error:
“this camera does not expose the still capture feature”
(in MainDemo.exe it will appear in the memo edit on the left)

If the still pin is found, when pressing the “snapshot” button of the device, the OnFrameCaptureCompleted event should occur, returning the captured frame to a memory bitmap or an image file depending on the VideoGrabber.BurstType setting.
The VideoGrabber.BurstType setting can be: fc_TBitmap (memory bitmap), fc_BmpFile, fc_JpegFile, fc_Clipboard, fc_TiffFile or fc_PngFile.

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