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What BIOS setting is required to enable Intel QuickSync when a NVIDIA graphic card is installed?

  • Gigabyte motherboards: there is an “Internal graphics” setting in the “Chipset” section that set by default to “AUTO”.
    In this mode, the embedded Intel GPU is deactivated automatically when the NVIDIA graphic card is detected, preventing to use Intel Quicksync.
    This setting must be changed from “AUTO” to “ENABLED”.
  • MSI motherboards: the setting is located under “Settings” -> “Advanced” -> “Integrated Graphics Configuration” -> enable “IGD Multi-monitor”
  • ASROCK motherboards: there is a “IGPU Multimonitor” setting located under “Advanced” -> “Chipset Configuration”, that must be set to “ENABLED” to activate the Intel GPU.
  • ASUS motherboards: the “IGPU Multimonitor” setting is located under “Advanced” -> “Graphic Configuration”.
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