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Code of business conduct and ethics

1. We are committed to providing a work environment that is free from discrimination or harassment of any type, where the recruitment, employment and development of people is based on qualifications, skills and competency to do the job.

2. We always place safety and occupational health above other business priorities, and strive to maintain a non-threatening, safe and healthful environment in all our workplaces.

3. We observe all security and access arrangements at our premises and facilities, as well as all security policies and regulations.

4. We must protect company assets from waste, loss, damage, theft, unauthorised disclosure, misuse or infringement.

5. We respect the rights and assets of others, including their proprietary information and intellectual property.

6. We will use company information technology (IT) facilities appropriately and responsibly.

7. We are committed to keeping employees’ personal information confidential.

8. We will handle Official or Classified information acquired in the course of our work, in accordance with company policies and applicable laws and regulations.

9. We must not buy or sell the shares or securities of a company, either directly or through family members or other persons, while we are aware of inside information of the company.